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Town Clerk

Megan E. Simpson

New York State Licensed Notary Public

Phone: 315-346-1212, ext. 1

Fax: 315-346-9942


Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 10am - 3pm 

(Changes in hours and office closures will be posted on the entrance door).

Available after-hours / evenings by appointment.

Marriage Licenses
Please complete the Marriage Worksheet and review the following requirements.

  • Both parties must be present.

  • A drivers license, birth certificate and/or passport and social security card are required.

  • Divorce papers from a previous marriage(s) must also be provided.

  • The fee is $40.00

There is a 24 hour waiting period before the license becomes valid; it remains valid for 60 days.

One-Day Marriage Officiant

A person wishing to obtain a one-day marriage officiant license must apply at the same town clerk’s office who issued the marriage license for the couple whose marriage the individual will be solemnizing.  Applicant must be at least 18 years old and is not required to be a NYS resident.  The license is limited to the specific couple identified in the application and expires on the date the couple is married or the date their marriage license expires, whichever occurs first.  The application fee is $25.00 and must be collected before the license can be issued. 

To apply, click here.

NYS Department of Health Vital Record and Genealogical Search Forms

Application Form to obtain a copy of a NYS Marriage Certificate -  $10 per record
Application Form to obtain a copy of a NYS Birth Certificate -  $10 per record

Application Form to obtain a copy of a NYS Death Certificate - $10 per record

Application Form to be used for Genealogical Services -  $22 per record

Please mail completed form(s) and fee to-

Megan E. Simpson, Registrar
9882 State Route 126, Suite A
Castorland, NY 13620

Please make check or money order payable to Croghan Town Clerk.

Town Clerk: Services
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